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Simply Soulful - Teresa has a most inspiring set of greeting cards for all occasions.


A MOST mindful organizer and book keeper.


Fences, Arbours, Decks, Stairs and more.

Servicing the North Shore of Vancouver.


Kokikai Aikido - Founded by Shuji Maruyama has formed an alliance of dedicated instructors throughout the U.S. and now into Canada. 


Aiki Works ~ Thomas Crum and his associates illustrate peaceful resolution of conflict in day to day life using Aikido as a metaphor


Canoe equipment outfitter for Murtle Lake, B.C., Canada


Weather forcast for the central interior of B.C.


Pacific Northwest

Weather maps for the Pacific Northwest

Dopler Radar

Vancouver Metro


Fantastic web design assistance.  Hundreds of gifs, scripts and graphics free for use.